LaCati Group specializes in multi-family development and investment and mixed-use multi-family/condominium development and investment.  We believe that being laser focused in a specific field of development is crucial to success.  A successful development begins and ends with being precise and an expert in your field of operation.  Property site selection, financial analysis, renovation, construction, project management, and property management are all kept in house at LaCati Group.  We manage all the stages of development process, from pre-design through construction and leasing.  We combine our expertise with that of a very small group of subcontractor partners to ensure delivery of a premium product that outperforms the market.  Our conservative project selection and intensive property management philosophy results in assets that outperform the market at affordable price points.

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We service all your housing needs and transactions

  • Custom Homes / Apartments /  Transitional Living / Buy / Sell
  • Exceptional quality and craftsmanship.
  • Locally owned and managed Grand Rapids, Mi
  • Years of experience with Quality Services
  • Focused on customer service with high attention to detail.

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